Trying Zero Waste Life

Trying the Zero Waste Life

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Trying the Zero Waste Life

I have always been concerned with waste. I try very hard to have an eco friendly home. Lately I have been trying to be as close to zero waste as I can be. I am finding it very difficult.

Some things I do are:

I carpool to work, now in an electric car.

I shop for food that allows me to buy loose vegetables and fruit. I buy glass containers if I have to buy something packages, but even the lids are plastic, most of the times. I am vegan so this helps some.

I buy eco friendly cleaning supplies, online. I know there is a carbon foot print, but products not available in stores near me.

I buy recyclable/compostable bathroom products. I use powdered toothpaste, I use silk floss in a glass container, I buy bamboo toothbrushes, I use a shampoo bar, deodorant in paper compostable packaging…

I bring my own straws and cutlery in my purse everywhere.

I bring my lunch to work every day in reusable containers and cloth bags.

I recycle everything I can and compost too. I still feel like I am failing at this.

If someone puts that much effort into trying and they are still failing, it is no wonder we have the problems we do.

But people don’ t think about waste, they think about ease….

We put on parties and use throw away decorations and paper plates. I feel like I am always ridiculed or mocked for wanting the compostable cups, forks and plates, even though this is an easy alternative. It makes me feel a bit better. I honestly don’t have a problem with just washing the dishes, but sometimes I cave.

We buy new clothes when we have too many as it is. If I need clothes I try and buy second hand. When people hear this they think I don’t have enough money. I do. I am choosing to buy second hand, and honestly if I don’t tell people…they never know. I do buy new shoes though. But I try to buy eco friendly vegan shoes.

We go out to dinner and pay no attention to the waste. We get bread we don’t eat. We have left overs we send away, or bring home in plastic containers. We use straws, that are just waste. Bring your own…not that hard.

We buy food wrapped in plastic or wrap it in plastic, when you can buy loose and put in your own reusable bag. We buy food that is only available in non-recyclable plastic containers.

I think the part that makes me the angriest about the entire situation about waste, is people don’t even think about it. They either do what they have always done, or what is easiest. My goal is to make people aware of what a problem it is and to show them that with little effort and cost they can fix it.

I hope this has been food for thought.

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