Zero Waste in a Black Out

So I picked the wrong week to start trying to be zero/ low waste…..

As many of you know PGE had a major planned black out this week in California, for fire prevention. I had picked this week to start my low waste life. I was majorly detoured by this black out. I had to go to the grocery store to prepare for a possible 5 day black out. Meaning I could not buy anything that required refrigeration. I had to have things that were able to be cooked on the grill or ready to eat with out prep. This was a really huge problem. Yes, my apples and bananas were easy, but bread, granola bars, canned food etc. you need for an emergency pack were very difficult. There was no water available in glass, so I had to get plastic. There are not a lot of vegan options in a can, so that was very limited, so I had to buy things that came in plastic packaging. This was very disheartening to me, as I was very gung ho about my new adventure. The good news is…. The black out only lasted a few hours, and we barely touched the food I had prepared. So now this in my emergency/earthquake kit. I will be buying a large bin and putting all of the things I have in the garage, for another emergency, I have been meaning for years to do this, and this adventure forced me to have to do it.

One good thing I was able to do this week: I figured out how to make plant based milk at home. I was frustrated that all plant based milk comes in non-recyclable paper or in plastic. So I looked up online how to make it and this morning I was able to make oat/hemp milk from scratch. It is stored in my fridge right now, all with things I already had at home. So that made me happy.

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