Full Week Low Waste 10/17/19

My week has been pretty eventful. 

I am continuing on my low waste journey, and continue to try and better myself.

My son moved back home, so that has been an adjustment for all of us.

Lastly one of my favorite co-workers decided to go on a different path.  I wish her all the luck in the world, but she will be missed.  I will never forget her parting words to me.  They might be the best thing anyone has ever said out load to me.  She told me I was the strongest person she has ever met. She is amazed that I was able to raise two children without a husband, and that no matter what life threw at me I always have my head on my shoulders and make it through.  I was deeply touched by this.  You rarely get to hear what people really think of you.

Some other things I wanted to touch on this week:

Low Waste Shopping

On my very first week of low waste living I found it very difficult to do the grocery shopping.  I am a vegan so mostly I buy vegetables, but it still was troublesome to find un-packaged produce.  I was able to find the things I needed, but I had to look around.  I was able to buy my oatmeal and rice in the bulk bins. I was even asked about my reusable bags at this part of the store, which I really liked.  The store I was at has recently reduced the bulk bin section, which mad me very sad. I commented on it to the cash register person, She said “you would know”. At the end I was able to get everything plastic free except two items: Beyond meat (for a dinner party I was throwing) and My Husband’s yogurt.  I was able to buy the yogurt in a large container, which was better, but I still wish they had a glass option. I decided to make my own oat/hemp milk because of the  packaging problem with the plant milk, but I don’t think I can handle making yogurt. Upon leaving the store I was very disheartened. Here I was trying very hard to make a difference, but every single person I saw upon leaving had a cart full of packaging and some were even getting the plastic bags from the store.

Morning Routine

I gave my morning routing an overhaul this week.  I have really been able to feel a difference already.

My morning routing is as follows:

Wake up

Weigh Self

Tongue Scrape

Drink Water

Make Tea

Air out House


Deep Morning Breaths- Outside

Make my Breakfast and Lunch

Tidy Up the House/ Make my Bed


Dry Brush

Shower and Get Ready

I love having a set routine, it really gives me a goal to reach and I feel much more relaxed and ready for the day with this one in particular.

Organizing My House

Lately I have been trying very hard to declutter and organize my house.  I started with the kitchen and have been working my way through every cupboard and room.  This task is made more difficult with the people I live with.  My husband is a pack rat, he saves everything.  He has piles of stuff, he just does not need or will ever go through, so I am constantly doing this for him, just to keep my house tidy.  My son does not pick up after himself; I am hoping to have a discussion with him about this, so I can keep my sanity and our relationship on good terms.

As I have gone through each room, I feel a sense of calm and order.  I really like it.  I love opening a drawer and only seeing things I need and actually use.  The house feels less messy and I then feel less stressed.

Low Waste Meal Prep

On my low waste journey I have decided to try some new things.  My husband likes to eat muffins in the morning.  I cannot find a muffin in the store that does not come in plastic.  So I decided to make some for him from scratch.  I woke up Sunday morning, and baked away.  I also made him some cookies.  Both were Vegan and made from ingredients I had already at home with reusable liners, so virtually no cost.  He says he actually likes mine better…. I don’t know if I believe him, but I definitely felt better about doing this.

Low Waste/Sustainable Birthday/Christmas

I don’t know how your families work, but my in-laws are huge fans of Christmas Wish Lists.  This year I was asked to update my wish list on Amazon for my Birthday and Christmas.  I found this a really big struggle. 1. I am trying to be more minimalistic 2. I am trying to be more sustainable 3. I am trying to be low waste.  I tried asking for cash (to help with my bill situation) that was a no go, so I had to come up with some ideas.  I was able to find somethings I needed or some luxuries I can’t afford, but it was very difficult.  I am sure I will be made fun of for my Vegan Leather Boots, Shampoo Bars, Potted Plants and Essential Oils choices. But I am okay with being the odd man out if it is something I believe in.

 I saved the best/craziest thing for last

Office Recycling and Composting

I was watching a YouTube video the other day about methane gases in our trash. It really got me thinking. I am doing everything I can think of at home but, I was just letting my office life slide.  We are a small office and have no recycling options for our office other than the confidential paper recycling. So I decided to take it upon myself to change this.  I found some boxes at the office I labeled them “recycle” and “compost”. I then take it upon myself to bring these items home twice a week and recycle or compost the items.  People are not catching on as much as I would like, so I literally go through all the trash cans to find items that can be recycled or composted.  This can be a little gross, but I feel like I have done something good and really it is not that much effort.

I hope some of these things have given you some food for thought.  If you have any questions about what I do or want me to elaborate on any items, please leave a comment…

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