Educating Myself and My Influence

October 24th


I love documentaries.  I watch them all the time.  I love being informed about new things.  I love seeing things from a different perspective.  This week I watched two documentaries.  I found them both very interesting. 

I watched:

H.O.P.E What You Eat Matters (on YouTube, free)

Image result for h.o.p.e documentary

This was a very well done documentary explaining how what you chose to eat does to your body and health and also the planet.

Game Changers (on Netflix)

Image result for game changers documentary

I watched this much hyped documentary this week as well.  I feel like men especially should watch this film.  It debunks a lot of things men hold true.  It focuses on athletic performance, muscle building and even sexual well being, for men.  I found it fascinating. It did have a few female athletes as well, but I found it should be more eye opening for men, as they are the ones who are always the most resistant to Veganism, because of some fallacies they hold to be true.


Last weekend my Husband and I went away.  I have always wanted to stay at the Madonna Inn, in San Luis Obispo. 

Image result for madonna inn

We decided to give this to each other for our Anniversary Gift.  It was a wonderful trip.  The hotel was so interesting; it was like stepping back in time, but not feeling dated. If you are in the area I highly recommend it and the SPA!! If you are not in California… Google it!  We had the Edelweiss room, every room in the Inn is themed and each one is different.

Image result for madonna inn edelweiss

It was so intricately decorated, so detailed. It was like stepping into another land.  The dining room was my favorite part.

Image result for madonna inn

It was like stepping into the early 50’s. It has bright pink booths and a live band playing classic dance music, like Moonlight Serenade, one of my favorites. I loved the service everything just added a layer to feeling like you were in another time. Though the Vegan option, was not the best I have ever had everything else made up for it.

My Influence

I was so happy and surprised this week.  My Sister came to town for a visit.  While we were out to dinner, she pulled out a reusable straw for her daughter!  I was so surprised I asked her about it, she said she had learned it from me!  This lead to a discussion on Veganism.  She said she really wanted to try it for health reasons, but there were some things she could not give up.  I suggested that she eat like Meghan Markle, who I read is vegan during the week, but allows herself some indulgences on the weekend. 

Image result for meghan markle royal

My sister really liked the idea of this.   I was just happy it was something she was considering and glad my influence made her think about it.

Low Waste and Minimalism

I have incorporated some new things into my bathroom routine.  I have been using Shampoo bars for a while now. But I knew there was more I could do.  I am really trying to reduce my waste. I was able to find a deodorant that had no plastic, all natural and Vegan.  I am trying Primal Life Black Lavender Deodorant.  I really like it. It is a different way of using it, as you have to rub it in, but it works all day. I am also using The Dirt Natural Tooth Powder. This comes in a glass jar. This took some getting used to, but my teeth feel much cleaner, and I feel better about it. I of course use a Bamboo toothbrush, the easiest swap! I am also starting to streamline my face routine, as I run out of things. I am rethinking what I actually need and what can be double duty, do I really need a face and neck cream or will facial oil be fine for both? I have never really worn a lot of make-up. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I never really got into the habit.  As I run out of things I am trying to replace them with no plastic packaging, from sustainable retailers.

I hope some of these things have given you some food for thought.  If you have any questions about what I do or want me to elaborate on any items, please leave a comment…

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