Halloween and Birthday Parties 11/1/19

Halloween cannot be green

Yesterday was Halloween and as much as I racked my brain, I could not figure out a way for it to be green.  I did buy my candy from Thrive Market.  They even had some allergy friendly options that I was really happy about. But the packaging was of the variety that is very hard to recycle.  But I did not want to be the mean neighbor lady that does not give out candy.  So I participated the best way I could.  I was very happy about the allergy friendly candy.  Myself having food allergies, I know how horrible it is watch others enjoy something you can to have, so I wanted to make sure every kids could trick or treat my house.  I bought the teal pumpkin to indicate I had Allergy friendly candy.  I put it on the Next Door Map.  But alas I had no allergy kid’s trick or treat my house.  So now I am stuck with a bunch of expensive candy. At least I tried….right?

Amazon Prime Now

The other day I needed to run to the store for some fresh produce, I was out of bananas and apples etc.  I opened my email and there from Amazon was free 2 hour delivery from Whole Foods.  I was very interested, so I tried it out.  I got what I needed and it truly was delivered to me in less than two hours.  This saved me having to take my own car to the store and back when I have limited time after work.  I justified the carbon footprint, as they are making multiple deliveries in one trip, and I would only be going for myself.  So the 5plus people they were delivering to were taking 5 plus cars off the road individually. Please correct me if my thinking is wrong.  The produce was perfect, nothing smashed and it all came in brown paper bags, which I can reuse.  I think I will continue to use the service, especially since I do not have a Whole Foods in my home town.

Birthday Bags

I had a birthday party to go to last week. I decided to make my own reusable gift bags.  I went to the fabric store I purchase some festive fabric and in less than an hour I made 4 bags.  I used them and everyone at the party commented on them.  When we were cleaning up, I just collected my bags as they collected the trash and put them in my purse.  I have them ready at home for the next birthday giving event. This made me feel good and my gifts also, I felt, stuck out because the wrapping was unusual.

Trying not to Buy Clothes

I switched my closet a week or so ago, as the season have changed.  I have a very small closet so I cannot keep all my clothes out all the time.  I have much more summer clothes than fall/winter.  I don’t really know why this is? But, I have decided I am going to make do with what I have.  I am going to try very hard not to purchase anything the entire cold months.  It might be a challenge, but I feel I am up for it.  It will keep in line with what I am trying to accomplish, with a more minimalistic/ waste free life.


I hope some of these things have given you some food for thought.  If you have any questions about what I do or want me to elaborate on any items, please leave a comment…

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