Survived the Holidays

So the Holidays are officially over and it is 2020! I have a love hate relationship with the holidays. I love the family togetherness, the candles, the decorations and giving gifts. I hate being so busy, the waste, the cost, and the not really having time to enjoy all of it.

I took the time to do something about the waste part. All of my gifts were wrapped in fabric holiday bags that I had made. I bought others peoples fabric scraps off of eBay in October. Then I sewed gift bags for all of my gifts, over 40!!

As for the cost we were able to get through the holidays without putting any gifts on credit cards, so I was really happy about that. and considering how many people we need to shop for, it was a feat!

I was very excited about what I received for my gifts. People took my lifestyle into consideration when buying my gifts, and this made me happy.

I tried really hard to slow down and enjoy the season once my daughter came back from college. Though it still felt rushed as she was only able to get back home on the 21st. we made the most of it and continued to enjoy some festivities even after the 25th.

Now that it is all over I am turning back my concentration on low waste/minimalist living. I have also made the promise to myself to focus on myself more this year. More self care, more reading, more healthy living, less stress, less being everything for everyone in my life. I am hoping to use my blogging as a way to keep me on track, and focused. If I am not focused on these things I will not have anything to write about.

My only New Years Resolutions so to speak are, Eat more whole food plant based meals, less vegan junk and take some me time. I have started walking again, but without the music. I am taking the time to slow down, look around and enjoy the morning. It is a shorter walk so I can still do my yoga, but enough to make me feel energized. I have gained wight over the holidays, which makes me angry as I really can’t eat that many of the treats because I am a vegan with food allergies….. but never the less, I did! I want to concentrate on eating healthy rather than losing a certain pounds by certain times. I feel that always sets me up for failure and disappointment.

I will keep you posted on my progress with this.

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