Perfect Birthday Weekend November 15, 2018

It was my birthday this week.  And in celebration I ended up having the perfect birthday weekend.  Friday night we celebrated with a few friends at the new Vegan restaurant in town.  It was wonderful!  I was very surprised that there was a line out the door to get a table.  I loved it. PeopleContinue reading “Perfect Birthday Weekend November 15, 2018”

Who knew standing by your values would be such a fight!

11/7/19 Bar Fight In my Low Waste Journey I have decided to do away with Liquid Hand Soap in our Home.  I bought soap dishes and bamboo soap savers and eco-friendly bar soap.  You would not believe the uproar this has caused in my home. I have explained my reasoning for doing this: better forContinue reading “Who knew standing by your values would be such a fight!”

Halloween and Birthday Parties 11/1/19

Halloween cannot be green Yesterday was Halloween and as much as I racked my brain, I could not figure out a way for it to be green.  I did buy my candy from Thrive Market.  They even had some allergy friendly options that I was really happy about. But the packaging was of the varietyContinue reading “Halloween and Birthday Parties 11/1/19”